I would really love to share something with you if I may?
You know WHAT I do in my business right? I teach exercise classes, I train up instructors, I run challenges, I sell Powerhoops, I do public speaking events, I run motivational sessions, I run My Happy 100, I coach people in their lives and in their businesses and I run retreats. These are the main things which keep me out of trouble anyway!!
BUT, I would love you to know WHY I do all this? I used to work in recruitment for goodness sake, so how did I end up doing what I do now? How do I know I am living my life on purpose?
The common denominator in all I do, is that I love empowering woman to feel strong physically and mentally. If someone joins my challenges, or comes to my class, or is trained by me, or is coached by me, or hears me in one of my talks, or joins one of my clubs, it is my aim that in some way, they come to realise their inner AND outer strength. And the exciting thing is that this has a knock on effect on their friends and families, so my work can trickle through without me even coming into contact with some of them.

I believe we are ALL put on this planet with a PURPOSE. It took me quite a long time to really realise it and connect with it. But I have managed to find it now and I KNOW this is my mission in this lifetime anyway.
I was shown what life was like before feeling strong, physically and mentally, for quite a long time. I was then given tools to get me through that and come out the other side FEELING like Wonder Woman most days. These tools are what I use to help the ladies who come into my life. If I see someone getting stronger physically and mentally, it absolutely fills my heart. It is like winning the lottery (or how I imagine that might feel). It is incredible to see people becoming stronger in themselves and finally believing in themselves too. Then knowing the impact it will have on others too is the icing on the cake.
So now you know my WHY and a bit more about the heartbeat behind my business.