Powerhooping for Health & Fitness

What is Powerhooping?

Do you remember using a hula-hoop as a kid?   If you were anything like me, you couldn’t keep it up!!   Powerhooping is based on the principles of hula-hoop, but is SO much easier to use due to the ADDITIONAL weights and thicker diameter. AND it delivers around 70% better results than a hula-hoop. Basically you are using a WORLD-class and leading hoop to slim your waist, trim your hips, flatten your tummy, improve your posture and strengthen your back. These are just some of the physical benefits you will receive. The part I LOVE is how good it makes you FEEL!!

It energizes you, it lifts your mood, it helps you de-stress, and it boosts your self-esteem and allows you to bring more joy into your life!

And what is so exciting is that you can do this in the comfort of your OWN home for only 10 to 15 minutes every day!! Seriously, this helps bring the fun factor back into exercise and you know that by connecting with your inner child you are allowing yourself to seriously get rid of life’s woes.


So every time your Powerhoop spins around your body, it is causing your muscles to contract, due to the weights and the interior, shock-absorbing ridges. Your body feels “under attack” and the muscles quickly build an “armor of muscle” to protect your internal organs. So for you, meaning you will be able to get into your favourite jeans in no time at all!!

I am proud to say that our Powerhoop De-Luxe is the ONLY weighted hoop on the market and holds a world wide patent, to have additional weights which you can take out and add to.

So what this means for you is that as your body gets used to using it, you would have NO weights in it, so it would be 1.6kg. Then as your core increases in strength, you add in say two weights, then four, then as many as 8!! So always really challenging your core muscles. What’s really cool is that when you take the weights out, aerobically you work much harder so burning more calories. But when you add weights, imagine it like weight lifting for the abdominals.

When you do sit ups, it is possible to take your back out of alignment. However when you use a Powerhoop you cannot help but work your back too so there will always be balanced training. I have had hundreds of customers tell me how their back pain has disappeared from using their Powerhoop and only in a matter of weeks too.


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