The Powerhoop workout is an incredibly fun way to get into great shape. I love that it attracts people of all ages, all shapes, all sizes and all levels of fitness. We use the weighted Powerhoop for not only hooping, which, incidentally, will give you, with regular use, the strongest core you have ever had.  You will also get a trimmer waist, a flatter tummy, and stronger back and slimmer hips.

But we also use the Powerhoop in a variety of ways to stretch and strengthen the ENTIRE body. Due to the unique additional weights, the Powerhoop becomes a resistance tool to deliver incredible ALL OVER results. There is also a good bit of aerobic activity in there too therefore helping you increase your fitness levels.

You have to try it to believe it, as it’s hard to know that exercise can be so much fun and it’s highly addictive too!