Strange title I know, but for years I idolised people who went to fitness classes in branded (very) tight fitting lycra and bounced around with confidence at the front able to keep up with the instructor.
I stood at the back, yes, at the very back in clothes that were baggy, showed no skin and in shoes that were non branded………. I didn’t think I was worthy to represent Nike or Under Armour as none of the women in their adverts looked like me. I talked myself into believing that none of their clothes would fit so there was no point in trying them on and I am only worthy of the non branded baggy stuff. (I have to add that these products are still high quality but because they were unbranded I didn’t represent a brand and I felt comfortable with that).
So there I stayed, in the shadows at the back convincing myself that that’s where people like me stayed during a fitness class. Erm helloooooo!! And as sure as eggs are eggs, I put up with that for a few weeks and then left because I hated it. I hated the way I felt, I hated the fact that no one spoke to me, it wasn’t fun and I convinced myself that I should try something else as I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted! And there cycle continues, on and on we went for years, in and out of different exercise classes. A feeling and cycle that’s replicated by many people around the world.
So back in 2014, a friend of mine suggested I go to a Powerhoop class with her. It was a cold night, I had literally just started a new job that day, the excuses not to go were mounting up but I don’t know, something inside me just said “what have you got to lose?”. Suffice to say, it was probably one of the best gut reactions I had ever gone with!
We all know about the physical health benefits of Powerhooping, it really does work as a tool for giving you a much fitter and healthier body to live in, what I love most though is the mental health changes Powerhoop has given me. So in no time at all, because Powerhooping is very easy to get the hang of and no, I have never been able to hula hoop, I left my space at the back of the room and took up a spot near the front.
The inclusive and non judgmental nature of the classes meant I was more confident and comfortable with myself and because of this, I kept going back to class. Not just for the standard four week period that my usual fitness classes last for, but we’re now looking at over four years now (unheard of for me!).
When you get into a healthy and maintainable fitness routine, you start to see results, honestly, for me there is no bigger motivator than wearing clothes that you feel amazing in.
And then the unthinkable happened……………….
I was having so much fun bouncing around at the front of the class that when the idea of becoming an instructor was floated by me, I took it seriously……….until the negative self talk kicked in. It’s a tough place to be when one half of your brain thinks you can do something, but the other half is laughing and pointing………………..and telling itself that this body isn’t the body of a fitness instructor………..
Thankfully, I had a lot of support and finally signed up for the training. I love it1 I still enjoy attending classes as a participant and taking the classes as an instructor. It gives you that dose of adrenalin that makes you feel incredible and unstoppable!!
Where I am right now
I’m in a good space, I’m fitter, healthier and much more confident than ever before, what do my clients get? A fun class, a class that’s enabling them to achieve their health and fitness goals and creating an environment that brings out more confident and stronger people.
And yes, last year, I finally purchased some branded fitness wear, it was a huge milestone for me and my critical brain.
Just remember, don’t hide at the back, be confident and get out there! You are all worthy! – Kerrie Evans – Powerhoop customer / converted Powerhoop Instructor.
Photo – courtesy of Sue Uden Photography