I did something today which I have not done in a long time !! I took a “sickie”. I run my own business, and I have been running my exercise classes for over 4 years. I can say that probably I have cancelled one, maybe two classes in that time. I’m lucky coz I rarely get sick, colds flu or anything, and I got my first cold in years the other day. Nothing major at all. But my body told me I need to be indoors today. The old me, well I may well have struggled through and felt like I needed to do it for everyone else. BUT the shift I have made in recent years is that by putting MY needs first, everyone else will benefit. ( It’s the way I sell it to myself anyway).


I am lucky enough to have amazing instructors who I could ask to help me out, but I had to cancel my other class. I know I feel like I am letting them down, BUT I HAVE to put myself first. So I am ok with that. I am at peace with that. And I will. I won’t preach something that I am not willing to do myself. That’s who I am.


I hear it all the time from my customers in that they just struggle on, muddle through like only a marty would. But what’s the use in that? Becoming a frazzled wreck means you won’t be any use to anyone anyway? Some of us were brought up to carry on regardless and PUT OTHERS before us. The message was imprinted from a young age. BUT I preach a very different message. PUT YOU FIRST. And learn to say NO more. We ALL have a unique gift and we are meant to share our gifts. BUT how can we share with others when our tanks are empty? We have to fill our tanks first.
So, today, I learned a valuable lesson. I felt OK saying NO to others and YES to me. Yes I felt a little guilt, of course I did, I love my customers. BUT nowadays I also love me. And I had to listen.