Does it Work? A Personal Journey to Health & Fitness

I wasn’t always so fit and healthy.

Hi, I’m Amy McAuley, the founder of PowerhoopNZ. Even though I spend my life teaching my “revolutionary” health, well-being and happiness secrets, I wasn’t always so fit and healthy.

For many years I was tired, lacked energy and had some serious body hating issues.

Due to pressures of “not being skinny enough” I was forcing myself to vomit after I ate. Other exercise programmes had bored me and I simply couldn’t stick to them long enough to get proper results.

It was such a horrid thing to do to myself but I felt that I were thin, I would be more “successful”.

And then BOOM. This big, bright and beautiful hoop came into my life and changed every aspect. Heck, I even grew a business from it because I was so passionate about the effects it had on my physical body and my mental health.

“I was losing inches around my middle and the problems I used to have with lower back pain had disappeared.”

My mission is to help you find you’re HAPPY. My mission is to help you find your LOVE FOR LIFE. My mission is to help you get in GREAT SHAPE the FUN WAY.

Move your body in a way that feels amazing! That’s the key. The key to setting you FREE.


I’m not the only one passionate about Powerhooping – listen to dozens of our happy clients and customers:

The Science behind the Hoop

University Study Confirms: Powerhoop® reduces waist size

Powerhooping may be fun, but it’s a fitness activity that can be taken seriously.

A new study by researchers at Canada’s University of Waterloo Spine Biomechanics Laboratory, one of the world’sforemost sports medical research facilities, has now confirmed that regular Powerhooping causes the waist to shrink. The subjects were fourteen mildly overweight women who used a Powerhoop (a specially sized, weighted and padded workout hoop with a wavy interior) for fifteen minutes per day, five days per week, over a period of six weeks. The researchers collected several types of data, including calories burned, subcutaneous fat measurements, subjects’ body measurements and muscle activation.

Here are the most important findings from the study:

On average, participants experienced a significant decrease in waist and hip circumference, and waist‐to‐hip ratio. Average reduction in waist size was 3.35 cm, with three of the fourteen subjects losing between 5 and 7.5 cm around the waist. The hips also shrank, but not as much. (The “hourglass shape” was therefore accentuated.)

Calorie expenditure during normal use varied from 300 to 420 kcal/hour: higher for inexperienced users and when the hoop was used in the “non-preferred” direction. The researchers also made a surprising finding regarding the distribution of fat on the body. On average, the subjects had slightly more subcutaneous fat (under the skin) after the study period, despite the fact that their waists were narrower, their muscles stronger and their bodies lighter. One possible interpretation is that the amount of “belly fat” (visceral fat stored deeper in the abdomen) had decreased and redistributed itself, possibly as a result of the powerful “massage” effect from the hoop. his would be a sensational finding if proven to be true. Visceral fat is difficult to burn, and is linked to coronary disease, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, and other obesity-related diseases. For now, the question will have to stand with a big question mark after it until the researchers have done a follow-up study, for example, using bioelectrical impedance analysis to measure the amount of visceral fat before and after the trial period.

Lastly, Powerhoop was compared with a conventional hula hoop using a technique called electromyography, which calculates the impact of the hoop as percentage of the maximum voluntary contraction. Not surprisingly, the Powerhoop produced higher activity in every muscle compared to the conventional hoop. In the Rectus Abdominus (the main part of “the abs”), muscle activity was up to 70% higher.

Department of Kinesiology
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1


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Powerhooping has completely reshaped my body. I have dropped 2 dress sizes since I started Powerhooping last August. I used to hate exercise but am so happy to have found something I love to do. Exercise has never been so much fun!


Hoopla!!! Powerhooping is solo much fun and a great way to exercise the whole body. My waist is firmer and stronger and my lower back pain has improved. I’ve met some fab people! Love it love it love it!!!

Jo Clark

For me, Powerhooping has it all: Strength building, toning, cardio, dancing and fun all wrapped up in 1 fabulous hour. I have been Powerhooping with Amy for 8 months and during that time have noticed significant changes in my body and my overall fitness. I would encourage anyone to take up this fabulous method of exercise. Powerhooping has had such a positive effect on both my physical and mental wellbeing. Age is not a barrier and I can honestly say that it is the most enjoyable exercise program that I have ever taken part in.


Powerhooping has completely reshaped my body. I have dropped 2 dress sizes since I started Powerhooping last August. I used to hate exercise but am so happy to have found something I love to do. Exercise has never been so much fun!

Melissa Mills

There’s this black dress that I loved to wear to church, and it’s a fitting dress (not tight, but the material is such that it shows your hip curve), except I even hated wearing that – because you could see my hips, and the rolls above I was sad. I knew something needed to change.
So I ditched the bread, and majority of sugar, and started power hooping – 10-15 mins a day…. now, all of that, combined, I put on my black dress the other day and that ‘tyre’ has gone!!!! I put on my dress, I was dreading it… but my gosh, I have my body back!!!


Well it’s official… I’ve found an exercise that I have managed to stick to for a whole year! ! Yes its been a year since I discovered the hoop and what an adventure its been. Just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you for helping me change my life


I thank YOU…. I’m so grateful to know about the power hoop and the changes it’s making for my body. It’s given me a renewed confidence – in many areas of my life!!! I never really believed that one exercise could change your body…. AND that you could actually enjoy it, or really FEEL like you’re working out. Sure, changing my diet helped – but it’s the power hoop that’s changing my body. No doubt!! You’re changing lives honey – THANK YOU!!!


I have to deal with an enormous quantity of challenges within our family life on a daily basis and so my stress levels are constantly high. From the very first class I was made to feel welcome. The hour flew by and I didn’t even think of anything other than hooping. I left smiling and have done after each class ever since.
The difference Hooping has made to my mental well-being has been huge.


Another benefit that I wasn’t expecting was less backache. I have had a lot of pain with my lower back from a car accident many years ago. With hooping and strengthening my core I now have hardly any pain.


I have met a great bunch of like-minded women who enjoy Hooping, going for walks and catching up for coffee. The support and camaraderie within this group of women has been amazing.


I suffer from bouts of depression and have suffered from a sore back for a long time but the hooping has certainly strengthened my core which has helped my back.The full body work-out result in sweat and endorphins flying around my body and together with the amazing instructor, Amy, this takes me to a very happy state of mind. Thank you