Does it Work? A Personal Journey to Health & Fitness

I wasn’t always so fit and healthy.

Hi, I’m Amy McAuley, the founder of PowerhoopNZ. Even though I spend my life teaching my “revolutionary” health, well-being and happiness secrets, I wasn’t always so fit and healthy.

For many years I was tired, lacked energy and had some serious body hating issues.

Due to pressures of “not being skinny enough” I was forcing myself to vomit after I ate. Other exercise programmes had bored me and I simply couldn’t stick to them long enough to get proper results.

It was such a horrid thing to do to myself but I felt that I were thin, I would be more “successful”.

And then BOOM. This big, bright and beautiful hoop came into my life and changed every aspect. Heck, I even grew a business from it because I was so passionate about the effects it had on my physical body and my mental health.

“I was losing inches around my middle and the problems I used to have with lower back pain had disappeared.”

My mission is to help you find you’re HAPPY. My mission is to help you find your LOVE FOR LIFE. My mission is to help you get in GREAT SHAPE the FUN WAY.

Move your body in a way that feels amazing! That’s the key. The key to setting you FREE.


I’m not the only one passionate about Powerhooping – listen to dozens of our happy clients and customers: