Powerhoop has come into my life and brought with it a abundance of fun & happiness! I have been on a Heath & wellbeing journey for 2yrs and lost a lot of weight, I hit a plateau a few months ago and was getting bored with my workouts. I had seen Amy and her Powerhoop and was instantly attracted to how fun it looked & how happy she was, so I trained as a instructor to inject more fun Into my group fitness classes, the Powerhoop workout has all the benefits of Pilates which I have been teaching for years and so then so much more, so it was in complete alignment with what I believe fitness should be and the visions I had of expanding my Personal Training Biz, it has breathed some amazing new energy into all areas of my life! My passion is to inspire and encourage people to LOVE their beautiful bodies and to really LOVE moving their beautiful bodies for long term health & wellbeing and the powerhoop is helping me do just that. My classes are filling quickly and everyone is raving about how much they love coming, it’s a very supportive environment and we all look forward to seeing each other. I am truly grateful for the amazing personal results I have had using the Powerhoop each day, it’s reshaping my body and giving me heaps of energy!