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At last, an exercise that is FUN

Powerhoop classes are SO much FUN. In fact, we guarantee to have you smiling from ear to ear throughout your time with us.

Whats more, our friendly instructors will help put you at ease straight away – helping, coaching and encouraging you every step of the way. Our classes are for ALL ages, ALL shapes, ALL sizes, and ALL levels of fitness.

Can’t use a hula hoop? Don’t worry neither can we! Our Powerhoops are WAY easier to use and 70% more effective than hula hoops due to the weights and thicker diameter. You will get a full body workout as well as the opportunity to meet like minded people and take time out of your busy life to hoop away your worries and stresses.

  • TRIM your waist – EASY to follow along classes
  • FLATTEN your tummy – FUN and invigorating workouts
  • STRENGTHEN your back – progress with ADDED weights
  • SLIM your hips and STRENGTHEN your core 
  • INCREASE your energy – REDUCE your stress – BOOST your confidence 
  • BEST of all – ANYONE can do it!