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Join Your Local Powerhoop Class Today!!

At last, an exercise that is FUN

Powerhoop classes are SO much FUN. In fact, we guarantee to have you smiling from ear to ear throughout your time with us.

Whats more, our friendly instructors will help put you at ease straight away – helping, coaching and encouraging you every step of the way. Our classes are for ALL ages, ALL shapes, ALL sizes, and ALL levels of fitness.

Can’t use a hula hoop? Don’t worry neither can we! Our Powerhoops are WAY easier to use and 70% more effective than hula hoops due to the weights and thicker diameter. You will get a full body workout as well as the opportunity to meet like minded people and take time out of your busy life to hoop away your worries and stresses.

  • TRIM your waist – EASY to follow along classes
  • FLATTEN your tummy – FUN and invigorating workouts
  • STRENGTHEN your back – progress with ADDED weights
  • SLIM your hips and STRENGTHEN your core 
  • INCREASE your energy – REDUCE your stress – BOOST your confidence 
  • BEST of all – ANYONE can do it! 
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Does it Work?

People are always asking “but does it REALLY work?”, and naturally we are passionate about the powerful results that Powerhoop has had in our and all our clients lives. Though the best way to really answer this is to let these results speak for themselves.

Looking for your Local Class? Click Here!

What to Expect

A Powerhoop class is typically between 45 minutes and 1 hour. We use weighted Powerhoops in a variety of different ways to stretch and strengthen the body. Not only do we twirl our hoops to get a nice strong core, but we use it for resistance training as well incorporating dance, aerobic, and even some pilates training too.

  • Hire or purchase a hoop in class.
  • We are all about comfort and so wear something that feels good – exercise and trainers.
  • Bring some water – you’ll probably get thirsty.
  • Bring your sense of humour – you will probably laugh a lot!

Find Your Local Class

Every community in New Zealand should benefit from the Magic which Powerhoop classes provide. It is my mission to get Powerhoop into every community around New Zealand. In the meantime we have classes throughout New Zealand for your convenience. To view the classes in your region, use the filter above the map. This will show the classes in that region both on the map and list them below. In both the map and the list, click on the icon to obtain contact details for that class.

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Auckland - Albany Auckland 67 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand

Instructor: Jackie Dwight
Gym - Fitness HQ for Women
Address:Configure Express, Mitre 10 Support Centre,
Ground Floor, 67 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland, 0632
Phone: 09-444 8412
Booking: Classes:  Thursday 1.00 p.m. (55 mins)

Auckland - Beachlands Auckland 954 Whitford-Maraetai Rd, Beachlands, Auckland 1705, New Zealand Instructor: Julie Muirson
Address: Te Puru Community Centre
954 Whitford/Maraetai Rd,
Auckland 1705
Phone: 021674902
Classes: Mondays: 09.00 am and 6.30 pm
Wednesdays 9.00 am and 6.30 pm
Location keywords: Beachlands Maraetai Whitford Clevedon
Brookby 2018 2571 2576 2582
Auckland - Orewa Auckland Victor Eaves Park, 122 West Hoe Road, Orewa, NZ

Instructor: Louise Heeney
Address:Sharks Sports Club, Victor Eaves Park, 122 West Hoe Road, Orewa, NZ
Phone: 0272345257
email: Louise
Facebook: Louise
Classes: No booking required
Monday :10.00 am & 6.30 pm
Tuesday : 6.30 pm
Thursday : 9.15 am & 6.30 pm 
Friday: 10 am

Catchment: Silverdale , 0931 , Millwater

Auckland - Orewa Auckland 275 Hibiscus Coast Hwy, Orewa, 0931, New Zealand

Instructor: Louise Heeney
Address: Orewa Beach (Meet outside Orewa Surf Club
Phone: 0272345257
email: Louise
Facebook: Louise
Saturday : 6.45 am - will be cancelled if raining

Auckland - Pakuranga Auckland Lloyd Elsmore Park 451 Pakuranga Rd, Pakuranga, Auckland 2010, New Zealand Instructors: Amy McAuley & Kerrie Evans
Netball Centre, Lloyd Elsmore Park,
451 Pakuranga Rd, Pakuranga,
Auckland 2010
Phone: 021 431 974
email: Amy
Class Times: For both beginners and experienced.
No need to book, we'll find a space for you !
Monday 9.15am and 6.00pm(beginners)
Tuesday 7.00pm
Wed 6.00pm (beginners)
Thursday 9.15am and 6.30pm
Sat 7.00 am
Class Prices: $17.50 (using own Hoop); $20 (incl hire of Hoop)
$150 for 10 sessions
Monthly payment
$75 for 1 class a week
$100 for two classes a week
$130 for unlimited classes
Location keywords: Howick 2012 pakuranga 2010
Auckland - Papakura Auckland 113 Harbourside Dr, Karaka, 2580, New Zealand Instructor: Nikki Ouwejan
Address: Karaka Learning Centre, 113 Harbourside Dr, Karaka, 2580, New Zealand
Phone: 0276000590
Monday 7.15 - 8.00 pm
Wednesday 7.15 - 8.00 pm
Auckland - Whangaparaoa Auckland 21 Montpellier Heights, Whangaparaoa, New Zealand

Instructors : Margaret Smith & Jackie Dwight.
Phone: 0226274403 (Margaret) / 0274447064 (Jackie )
email: Margaret  or Jackie
Address:21 Montpellier Heights, Arkles Bay, Whangaparaoa, New Zealand
Booking: 0274 447 064
Classes: Friday 10.30 a.m.

Auckland - Whangaparaoa Auckland Whangaparaoa Primary School, Whangaparaoa, Auckland, New Zealand Instructors : Margaret Smith & Jackie Dwight.
Address: Whangaparaoa Primary School Hall, Motutapu Ave,
Manly, Whangaparaoa, New Zealand
Phone: 022 627 4403 (Margaret) or  027 444 7064 (Jackie )
email: Margaret or Jackie
Booking: 0274 447 064
Classes: Saturday 10 a.m.
Bay of Plenty - Tuaranga Bay of Plenty 90 Oropi Rd, Greerton, Tauranga, 3112, New Zealand

Instructor: Melanie Koko
Address: Greerton Marist Rugby Club
90 Oropi Rd
Tauranga 3112

phone: 027 286 8268
Classes: Monday 5.30 pm & Thursday 6.30 am

Christchurch - llam Canterbury 166 Waimairi Road, Ilam, Christchurch, New Zealand Venue: Waimairi Community Centre, 166 Waimairi Road, Ilam,
Christchurch, 8041, New Zealand
Instructor: Lauren Rose
Mobile - 0211236253
email -
Classes: Monday evenings 6.30 pm
Dunedin - Broad Bay Otago 2A Clearwater Street, Broad Bay, Dunedin, New Zealand Instructor: Lee van der Shuit
Address: Broad Bay Community Centre,
2a Clearwater St,
Broad Bay
Dunedin 9014
Phone: 027 466 7377
Dunedin - Kaikorai Otago 127 Taieri Road, Kaikorai, Dunedin 9010, New Zealand Instructor: Lee van der Shuit
Address: Kaikorai Presbyterian Church Hall,
127 Taieri Road,
Dunedin 9010
Phone: 027 466 7377
Dunedin - Maryhill Otago 16 Maryhill Terrace, Maryhill, Dunedin, New Zealand Instructor: Lee van der Shuit
Address: Mornington Presbyterian Church Hall,
16 Maryhill Terrace,
Dunedin 9011
Phone: 027 466 7377
Dunedin - Mosgiel Otago 5 Hartstonge Ave, Fairfield, Mosgiel 9024, New Zealand Instructor: Lee van der Shuit
Address: 5 Hartstonge Ave
Mosgiel 9024
New Zealand
Phone: 027 466 7377
Fjordland - Te Anau Fjordland 22 Luxmore Drive, Te Anau, New Zealand
Instructor: Mandy Stevens
Venue: Fjordland Community Events Centre
22 Luxmore Dr
Te Anau, 9600
Phone: 0274909218
Monday Nights 6.30 - 7.15pm
Tuesday Nights 6.30 - 7.15pm
Nelson - Brightwater Nelson 12 Lord Rutherford Road North Brightwater, Nelson Tasman 7022 New Zealand Instructor: Sara Irvine
Address:  Brightwater Public Hall, 12 Lord Rutherford Road North,
Brightwater, Nelson, Tasman 7022,
Phone: 021 069 7522
Classes: Tuesday 6.00pm : Thursday 9.30 am
Booking: Powerhoopnelson
Nelson - Moutere Nelson 1539 Moutere Hwy, Upper Moutere, 7175, New Zealand Instructor: Sara Irvine
Address Moutere Recreation Centre, 1539 Moutere Highway, Nelson
Phone: 021 069 7522
Classes: Wednesday 9.15 to 10.00 am
Booking: Powerhoopnelson
Nelson - Stoke Nelson 206 Songer St, Stoke, Nelson, 7011, New Zealand

Instructor:  Sara Irvine
Address: Stoke Indoor Bowls Stadium, 206 Songer Street,
Stoke, Nelson, 7011
Phone: 021 069 7522
Classes: Wednesday 6.15 pm & Sunday 4.30 pm
Booking: powerhoopnelson

Northland - Mangawhai Northland 75 Moir St, Mangawhai, 0505, New Zealand

Instructor: Nicci Mulholland-Dobbs
Address: Mangawhai Domain, 75 Moir St, Mangawhai,  Northland, 0573
Phone and Booking: 0211701267
Classes: Tuesdays 6.30pm
Morning classes starting soon

Northland - Whangarei Northland 18 Rust Ave, Whangarei, Northland, 0110, New Zealand

Instructor: Nicci Mulholland-Dobbs
Address: Whangarei Club,18 Rust Ave Whangarei, Northland, 0110
Phone & Booking: 0211701267
Classes: Wednesdays at 10.45am ; 5.30pm ; 7.30pm

Taranaki - New Plymouth Taranaki Barry Ln, Ferndale, New Plymouth, 4310, New Zealand Instructor: Caro McKee: 
Address:Ferndale Hall, Barry Lane, New Plymouth
Phone: 027 474 2463
email: Caro
Classes:Wednesday 9.15
Taranaki - New Plymouth (Frankleigh Park) Taranaki 75 Brois Street, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Instructor : Caro McKee 
Address: 75 Brois St, Frankleigh Park. New Plymouth, Taranaki 
Phone: 027 474 2463
email: Caro 
Classes: Monday 9.15 am; Friday 9.15 am; Saturday 8.00 am

Taranaki - Nobbs Line Taranaki Surfing Club,Nobs Line, New Plymouth, 4312, New Zealand Instructor: Caro McKee
Address: East End Surf Life Saving Club, East End Beach,
Nobs Line, Strandon, New Plymouth, 4312
Phone: 027 474 2463
email: Caro Booking:
Classes: Thursday 5.30 pm
Waikato - Chartwell Waikato 126 Comries Rd, Chartwell, Hamilton, 3210, New Zealand Instructor: Belinda Jones 
Address:Chartwell Cooperating Church, 126 Comries Rd, Chartwell, Hamilton, 3210
Phone: 021 832 596
email: Belinda
Classes: Tuesdays: 6.00 to 6.30pm (doors open 5.45pm). First class free
Waikato - Huntly Waikato Ngaruawahia, Waikato, New Zealand Instructor: Gleda Kimpton
Classes: TBA

Got Questions?

If you have any questions or would like more info – please Contact Us, and we’ll be more than happy to get back to you.


Yes you sure can!! I ALSO could never use a hula hoop when I was a kid, but with the POWERHOOP, due to the weights in there actually makes it WAY easier to use.

Absolutely not! As long as you have none of the contraindications as stated below then age is NO barrier. I know plenty of older people using the Powerhoop AND getting fabulous benefits from it including greater mobility, stronger cores and better general health and fitness.

The answer to this is simple! Powerhooping appeals to a really wide market of people. You will find that in the classes there are people of ALL ages, ALL shapes, ALL sizes, ALL fitness levels! People love to have fun and to be able to incorporate this into exercise is awesome.

Great question. The guidelines which we like to put around this are… If you had a normal delivery please wait 12 weeks before you use the Powerhoop. (Also good idea to get the go ahead from your doctor) If you had a caesarian section then please wait 6 months until you use a Powerhoop. Then go for it!! Powerhooping will help you shift those baby inches.

Awesome question again! I am training up Fitness Instructors as we speak all over the country, but you will need to be patient. IF you know any fitness instructors or gyms in the area, you could let them know about Powerhoop! In the meantime you can buy your own Powerhoop to use at home. The Powerhoop comes with an instructional DVD.

Of course you can… Once you achieve the basic technique of Powerhooping, you will very quickly see how easy it is to add in the basic moves to the workout. Give it a go, it will be worth it!







Powerhooping has given me everything I have always looked for in a fitness class. Over the years I have tried all the fitness fads. Powerhooping has given me the motivation to get healthy, fit, toned and all whilst having incredible fun
Kath Yntema

Powerhooping has to be the funnest, most addictive exercise I have ever done. It is my time out twice a week which I cannot live without! I have expecially enjoyed the dance moves and music and the fun group exercise activity. I have now got my pre baby body back, Thank you!

Lisa Clarke

12 months ago I was moping round home lost, nothing was wrong, I was just lacking that spark then instantly after I started hooping I got the fire back. I love the classes and the people are what makes it also so many wonderful fun, supportive, encouraging women. I feel so lucky to have met you and become part of this amazing community. So thanks Amy, Kerrie and all you lovely ladies…


Well I’ve been hooping for nearly 3 years (October) and I have to say that I absolutely love it. When I lived in the UK, I went twice weekly to aerobic classes and I was desperate to find something similar in New Zealand. I joined gyms, Zumba but nothing satisfied my keep-fit needs. And then a friend told me about Powerhooping. Well… I thought let’s give that a go!

I can honestly say I have not looked back. The classes are so much fun and I have met some amazing people who have become my dear friends.


A new twist on hooping, once you start going to these classes you will understand why its so addictive.

I have been hooping for about 2 years now and in that time I have noticed my overall core strength, back and posture have improved immensely. The cardio work out is great and it did not take long for my fitness level to increase. The weighted gloves are great and this has helped with my arms and upper body toning. Before you know it the hour is up, and not only have you had a great workout but also enjoyed a few laughs with the other ladies.

Di Graham

I decided to attend the local Arkles Bay class today and want to let you know the experience. I was made extremely welcome and made to feel at home. I had one teacher for just me which was really special. Teaching me to power hoop properly wow, Jackie has patience. She kept on and was gentle in her direction in correcting me, showing me the right way and giving me confidence in achieving a good posture and technique. I was exhausted half way through but they gently kept me going. I left feeling I had achieved something, absolutely pooped, but smiling and having met some lovely ladies.

I am excited with this journey and can’t wait to completely master the technique of Powerhooping.

Thank you for bringing this to Auckland, New Zealand.

Sandra Sweetman

After major back surgery last year and having no energy to do anything, Powerhooping got me going again. It helped me to strengthen my core muscles! Now I am running a half marathon soon. Powerhooping is awesome and I hate missing a class. It is now a major part of my training plan.

Pam Wooley