Join the Six Week Challenge – Transform Yourself


Join us to lose inches, tone up, and face the world – and your mirror – with a more positive body image.

Over the course of just 6 weeks you’ll make new friends, laugh a lot, be truly inspired, learn how to make better choices – and just feel great.

Our next 6 week online challenge date: to be arranged

The 6-Week Challenge includes:

  • Special blast off session!

  • Developing healthier eating habits

  • Manageable personalised exercise plans

  • Fun weekly challenges

  • 1 online group meeting per week with guest speakers focussing on health and well-being

  • Learning how to nurture yourself and create some well-deserved ‘you’ time!

  • A leader who has walked the walk and vastly improved her life by following the principles of this Challenge!!

To sign up to this incredible online 6 Week Challenge for just $99