How to get in great shape with your Powerhoop2018-09-09T08:10:33+00:00

At last!  The course for YOU if you have a Powerhoop at home!  I have designed this course for you so you can get in great shape from the comfort of your own home using the Powerhoop Deluxe.

This course is for you if you


  • Are short on time to exercise
  • Want to get in great shape in less than 20 minutes a day
  • Want to get a FULL BODY workout
  • Want to get FULL use of your hoop
  • Need inspiration for working out with your Powerhoop
  • Want to have more energy and less stress


This course has EVERYTHING you need from being a complete beginner to someone who has hooped for years.

Included in this course are

  • Videos to help you use the Powerhoop properly, including trouble shooting
  • Videos to show you how you can utilize the Powerhoop to get a FULL body workout
  • 30 (20) minute FULL BODY WORKOUTS with Amy. All the motivation and inspiration you need while you workout with Amy
  • A Daily Planner – so you can start planning your healthy lifestyle
  • A weights and measurements form – so you can track your progress
  • An accountability chart so you can tick off the days as you go