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Powerhoop Foundation Training


Want to teach Powerhoop Classes? If you do not have fitness qualifications but want to become a Powerhoop Instructor and build a profitable business, Powerhoop Foundation Training puts you on the road to success. Once you register you will receive access to your Online Course, where you will learn the relevant principles of Anatomy, Physiology, Health, Safety, and Exercise-to-music skills you will need to enrol in the Powerhoop Instructor Training Course and teach a fun, fabulous Powerhoop class.

Love Powerhoop but don’t plan to teach? Powerhoop Foundation Training will help you tune up your technique, increase the effectiveness of your workout and give you the expertise to Powerhoop like a Pro. You will receive music, videos and a business pack so you can earn income selling Powerhoop products.

Graduates of Powerhoop Foundation Training:

• Are eligible for the Powerhoop Instructor Training Course
• May apply for a trade account for product resale

It includes:

• Six-hour Online Training Course
• Downloadable Training Manual with Video Content
​• Powerhoop Workout DVD


• 6-hour online course: $280 including GST

Note: Powerhoop Foundation Training is not a substitute for nationally recognised fitness credentials. Completion of the Powerhoop Instructor Training Course and purchase of Licensing and Benefits Package will be required before you begin teaching Powerhoop classes. (See Powerhoop Instructor Training for details.)

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A Word to Trainers from Amy

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‘How you can create a very profitable Powerhoop Business doing something you love!