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*BLOG POST - REFLECTIONS*     Reflections in the mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of beauty.......   What exactly do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you choose to see your beautiful body for what it is? The remarkable vessel it is for holding that beautiful soul of yours? [...]

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7 surprising reasons Powerhoop will blow your mind

I have been Powerhooping now for over 6 years.  BEST THING I EVER DID FOR MYSELF!  I suffered from eating disorder, alcohol addiction, post natal depression, and low confidence.  By finding Powerhoop, I have turned my life around completely.  Powerhooping has triggered so many positive changes in my life.    POWERHOOPING HELPED TO SAVE ME [...]

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Health Planner

My gift to you... Your Daily Health Planner One thing that really changed my life for the better and got me really focussed on making positive changes was when I started to plan.  I was used to planning things like activities and work stuff but I had never considered planning my life in terms [...]

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My Happy 100

Last year, I changed my life. A lot. With a list. Another new year arrived, and yet another set of New Year Resolutions. Feeling uninspired and unmotivated and virtually ready to fail again I decided to do things differently. I had been feeling for a while, that life was just so busy. Running a [...]

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How I went from a self destructive bulimic to a marathon runner

I DID IT!!!  I actually freaking did it!  I ran 42km last Saturday for the first time in my entire  life!  My legs ran me all that distance, all the way!  I still cannot believe I actually did it.  I remember when I was a little girl, watching a marathon thinking OMG how could people [...]

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Who Cares About Self Care?

Why is it that we find taking care of ourselves so challenging ? Why is it that we take care of everyone in our lives happily, attending to their every need, yet when it comes to us, we simply freeze? It's too indulgent? There is not enough time? I don't have enough money? I don’t [...]

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The Girl At The Back

Strange title I know, but for years I idolised people who went to fitness classes in branded (very) tight fitting lycra and bounced around with confidence at the front able to keep up with the instructor. I stood at the back, yes, at the very back in clothes that were baggy, showed no skin and [...]

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Breaking the Silence on Silence – What it is REALLY like to go silent for 3 days.

Last Thursday afternoon, my friend, Carin and I set off to the Coramandel for three nights. This was not a typical “girly” weekend. No this was one where we were to be in silence for three full days and two nights. Earlier on this year, I had put Silent Retreat onto my Happy 100 List, [...]

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Who REALLY benefits from our self care?

It is all too easy  to wake up in the morning and rush out of bed only to find yourself  zapping  around at 100 miles an hour, getting everything organized for the day ahead. It is like a hurricane of packing school lunches, looking for lost socks, feeding the animals, walking the dog, messaging our [...]

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