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I have created a business that will help you fulfill your needs of getting more clients and offering something to attract a much wider customer base to you.

I know your classes will get busier.

I can show you how you can make six figures  in your Powerhoop Business because I give you all the tools and support to help you.  You will attract many more customers of all ages, shapes and sizes to your business. You will get amazing results yourselves and your customers will be blown away by the results they get. You will learn how to bring in income through different channels all relating to Powerhooping. You will be able to make money whilst you sleep.

You will realise you can make a huge difference in your community and help so many people improve their health and wellbeing.

The benefits for you  are you get to make money from helping people have fun whilst exercising and get in great shape yourselves, you get to make great money and be apart of a growing tribe of people who are making a real difference in people’s lives”

Not only will they try this out, but they will keep coming back for more. They will become addicted to this fun exercise which will deliver them incredible results.


  • Using a Powerhoop to build muscle and improve core stability
  • Basic anatomy and physiology, health and safety
  • Various exercises to increase balance, co ordination and flexibility
  • Integrating Powerhoop into cardio and strength training classes
  • Innovative and creative movements that will motivate and inspire your members
  • Everything you need to teach a Powerhoop class and keep it challenging over time
  • Help with promoting your classes
  • Ongoing support, guidance and coaching to building a successful business – including one on one time with Amy
More details about becoming a PowerhoopNZ Instructor


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A Word to Trainers from Amy

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Clients on Powerhooping

“Thank goodness for the power of the Powerhoop! It has literally changed my life. After struggling for years with faddy diets and hating exercise I’ve now discovered an awesome fun way to exercise that works. I discovered Powerhoop NZ last August and I will never look back !”
“From the first class I was hooked and could see the small changes to my body within weeks. I’ve lost just over 10 kg and I feel fantastic!! I do know that this is all due to the magic that this multi-coloured Powerhoop can do, thank you Amy and Powerhoop NZ!”

Instructors on Powerhoop Classes

“My classes are full and I have waiting lists because everyone wants to come. I’ve had members who have lost huge amounts of weight, toned their tummies, strengthened their core muscles and reduced their back pain.”
Caro McKee, Powerhoop Instructor, New Plymouth
“There are a number of reasons why I love teaching Powerhoop. The actual workout we get ourselves and the FUN of sharing the Powerhoop programme with our classes. And, most importantly, seeing the
difference it makes to the participants after they have been Powerhooping with us, not only the changesin their bodies but also how skilled they become.

Powerhooping really is a fun exercise programme.

Louise Heeney, Powerhoop Instructor, Orewa
“Powerhooping is my new passion. I love being able to bring it to my clients and to design classes which combines Powerhooping with other fitness elements, to offer a truly unique exercise experience. My clients love it too.”
Armelle Gartenbach, Powerhoop Instructor, Browns Bay

Instructors on PowerhoopNZ Support

“I trained with Amy recently to become a Powerhoop instructor. Her support and mentoring over the past six weeks has been absolutely amazing, above anything I have experienced in the fitness industry.

If I have any questions at all Amy is more than happy to guide me in the right direction and always follows up with me. Her support on social media is incredible. She stays connected with me through my journey, comments on my posts and connects with my followers which they absolutely love!
I never feel like I am alone or isolated, she connects me with people who are looking for classes in my area that have contacted her, and is truly dedicated to helping me create a thriving Powerhooping community in Orewa.

Thank you Amy for being you!”

Louise Heeney, Powerhoop Instructor & Trainer, Orewa
“The ongoing support you get from Amy and Powerhoop NZ is amazing.
Always available to answer any questions you may have. They put my mind at ease every time, and you know you can talk to Amy about any concerns you have. I have been in the fitness Industry over 20 years and would have to say I have never had so much support. Thank you Amy!”
Caro McKee, Powerhoop Instructor, New Plymouth