“I was losing inches around my middle and the problems I used to have with lower back pain had disappeared.”


Hi, I’m Amy McAuley, the founder of PowerhoopNZ.  Even though I spend my life teaching my “revolutionary” health, well-being and happiness secrets, I wasn’t always so fit and healthy.

For many years I was tired, lacked energy and had some serious body hating issues.

Due to pressures of “not being skinny enough” I was forcing myself to vomit after I ate.  Other exercise programmes had bored me and I simply couldn’t stick to them long enough to get proper results.

It was such a horrid thing to do to myself but I felt that I were thin, I would be more “successful”.

And then BOOM.  This big, bright and beautiful hoop came into my life and changed every aspect.  Heck, I even grew a business from it because I was so passionate about the e