I have been Powerhooping now for over 6 years.  BEST THING I EVER DID FOR MYSELF!  I suffered from eating disorder, alcohol addiction, post natal depression, and low confidence.  By finding Powerhoop, I have turned my life around completely.  Powerhooping has triggered so many positive changes in my life.


  1.  POWERHOOPING HELPED TO SAVE ME FROM DEPRESSION.  I cannot emphasise this enough.  We all know that exercise helps us physically, but do we know about how much it helps us mentally?  It never ceases to amaze me how moving regularly can make our minds strong!  There is something TRULY magical in this bright coloured, trusty hoop which keeps those big black clouds at bay. I could have had a really bad day, but get my power hoop on for 10 minutes and BOOM !  Feel amazing.  I suffered from Bulimia for many years and with the help of my Powerhoop, I no longer live with those demons.

  1. POWERHOOPING CURED MY SCIATICA.  I suffered terribly from lower back pain, more so since having my 3 kids.  I remember being immobile for weeks on end with sciatica and I felt like I was an old lady in my 30s!  It used to take me 10 minutes to wake my back up every morning…  It was hideous.  Since I started Powerhooping 6 years ago, my lower back pain has DISAPPEARED!!  Completely!  I can hop out of bed and feel amazing.  This is due to the weights in my hoop which really work my back as well as my sides and front!


  1. MY CORE HAS NEVER BEEN STRONGER   Within a few weeks of Powerhooping, my core really started to strengthen up.  And I even started to develop lines down my middle!!  I have ABS!!  My ideal weight  of 65kg has been mostly consistently the same for the past 6 years too.

  1. POWERHOOPING MADE ME CONFIDENT Long story, but my passion for Powerhooping made me create a business.  The confidence Powerhooping gave me has blown me away.  It is like learning a new skill and it makes me feel so good.

Weekend was EPIC and we ALL did it


  1. POWERHOOPING  HELPED ME RUN A MARATHON  I never thought I would be the “type of person” to run a marathon.  But the confidence Powerhoop has given me, the fitness it has given me and the core strength it has give me allowed me to run my first marathon last year.

  1. POWERHOOPING HELPED ME FIND AMAZING FRIENDS IN MY COMMUNITY.   Becoming an instructor and setting up in my area, allowed me to attract really incredible people into my life.  I get to work out with them and have so much fun.

  1. POWERHOOPING BROUGHT MORE FUN AND LAUGHTER INTO MY LIFE.   I believe this big, bright coloured hoop allowed me to really reconnect with that inner child of mine, and to bring her out and have heaps of fun whilst working out.  Many of my customers feel the same.

Seriously, Powerhooping has helped so many people in their lives and I am so passionate about what it does for people.  There is something truly magical about it and I WANT YOU TO EXPERIENCE THIS TOO.  Go to www.powerhoopnz.co.nz to get yours today.