Some days we just can’t be bothered moving. We KNOW that if we exercise then we will feel more energy, we will feel great and we will feel happier. But what do you do when you really CANNOT be bothered?

1. BLAST THE MUSIC in the house. I always find that when I start playing music in my house it makes me want to move. Get the upbeat music playing and JUST DANCE! I love dancing with the kids in the morning, mostly silly dancing, but it is a great way of getting moving and instantly you will feel better! Remember that any movement is good.

2. MESSAGE A FRIEND and ask them to go for a walk with them. Sometimes we can’t be bothered exercising because we are feeling a little frazzled and talking with someone is a great therapy. Exercise doesn’t always have to be a huge workout. Often a walk by the beach or in the park will be enough to lift us up.

3. TRY SOMETHING NEW – Maybe you need to try something different. I was literally allergic to exercise before I found Power hooping. This opened up a whole new love for exercise. When you find something you LOVE, it won’t even feel like exercise. Ten minutes of Powerhooping is enough to get your energy up, lift your mood and help you get your mojo back.

4. GET ENOUGH SLEEP – Sometimes we lack motivation when we are just simply tired. Try getting to bed an hour or half an hour earlier and see what difference makes to your motivation

5. DRINK MORE WATER – The amount of water you are drinking will have a direct impact on your energy levels and therefore motivation. Up your intake and see how that affects you. When we are dehydrated it zaps our energy.

I am also a big believer in having a rest day. Have a day during the week when you don’t exercise too much. Your body needs to restore and repair and often you find the day after you are raring to go.

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