21 Healthy Happy Habits

Everything You Need to get HEALTHY and HAPPY  Now!

Is the Healthy Happy Programme right for ME?

  • YES –  I stop/start exercise often

  • YES – I feel low in energy and am often frazzled

  • YES  I want to feel healthier, happier and more balanced

  • YES – I crave more happiness in my life

  • YES I desire more balance in my life

  • YES I want to create habits that actually stick

Let me explain

What Changes can I Expect ?

  • SKYROCKET YOUR ENERGY – In my programme you will discover the habits which are literally draining you, and then replace them with ones that will leave you feeling full of beans.

  • BANISH STRESS – We can’t really avoid stress, but boy do we have some shiny armour to give you to deal with anything that comes your way.  Think Wonder Woman!

  • GET BALANCED – When we feel unbalanced, we can get kind of cranky!  This programme will help you “uncrank yourself”.

  • EAT FOR HAPPINESS – Believe me, what you eat is what you feel! So once and for all, we are gonna kick those bad eating habits into the curb and help you “eat happy”

  • GET MOVING – Stop / start…It’s a killer and it does our self esteem no good! I have some exciting ways to get you wanting  to move your bod everyday.

  • STOP PROCRASTINATING – Finally get the motivation and drive to get those projects off the ground.  You know the ones that you keep putting off?  You will be raring to go by the end of my programme.  Like the Tasmanian Devil!

What do you get?


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What Others are Saying

“After finding Powerhooping 18 months ago, I have lost 6 kg and many cms , dropped a dress size or 2 but as amazing as that is, it’s how I feel on the inside as well that makes the biggest difference. 

At 57, I am learning who I am and feeling happy in my body and what it can do.  I did the 21 healthy habits and really reduced my sugar habit. This has improved my joint aches and mood swings. It’s never too late to learn new things”
Kirsty, a Howick Powerhooper

“I have noticed a big change in energy and not having tired slumps in the afternoon. I have noticed weight loss and clothes feel great.  This program has taught me things I can easily apply in my life.  There is something in here for everyone.  Thanks Amy, great motivator”

” I love this program and have to say that my enthusiasm hasn’t lapsed.  I love getting my morning e mail and seeing what you have in store for us next and I love how you look at the person holistically not just one thing in isolation like diet or exercise.  Thank you Amy”.

” I feel like I have had a big shift with my mindset.  Having developed some good habits and stopping some bad habits, a work in progress. I have not deleted Facebook as this is a game-changer for me as it has allowed me to be more present and mindful”.

“I am so grateful for this program.  I started off fantastic and was amazed at the changes in me and in my life!  I am still doing some of the great new habits on a daily bases and weekly food planning so am absolutely benefiting”.


“This program has been transformational for me.  Sleep has always been problematic, but having implemented the strategies given by Amy, I have slept better than I have in decades and to be precise, that is 15 nights of quality sleep out of the 16 days so far.  AMAZING and HAPPY as a result. Thank you Amy.”  – Suzanne