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4 TOP TIPS to get you off your ASS and back on the HEALTH HORSE

Isn’t life interesting? One minute we are feeling indestructible, full of determination and absolutely focused on our goals. NOTHING but NOTHING will come between our desires for a new healthy body. If you can’t relate to this, think back to a time when you set a new year’s resolution. Your MOTIVATION was just through the [...]

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ARE YOU HAVING A GIRAFFE? (Laughing is a serious health subject)

Have you ever watched someone laughing, I mean REALLY laughing. You usually end up joining in right? Humour is infectious. When laughter is shared, it binds people together and increases happiness and intimacy. Gosh, I have just been sitting with a dear friend of mine and we were having a real belly laugh. Why were [...]

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DAY 21

I gave up refined Sugar 21 days ago.  Why?  I watched “That Sugar Film” and I decided to find out what effect not having refined sugar in my diet would have.  I didn’t have a need to lose weight, but I certainly could do with some extra energy. This is what I was hoping for...So [...]

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