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Falling In Love With Powerhooping Saved My Body And Mind

Sounds dramatic?  Maybe,  however,  my story is one, which I feel ready to share now.  If you know me now, you might find some of this hard to believe.  I am a really positive person and like to see the good in every situation. I love life and I love living it to the full [...]

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6 Reasons Why You Need A Strong Core

We all know and hear all the time, that we should “strengthen our core”. But have you asked yourself why? Basically your core is your body’s engine. If this is strong and working well, everything else is likely to work better. Everything you do in your everyday life depends largely on your core. This may [...]

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6 Reasons Why Exercise Will Make You Happier

Sure, you know exercise is good for you. It keeps your weight in check, makes you stronger, and keeps you feeling youthful and staying active into old age. But did you know that exercise can also make you a happier person? It's true. When you work out and stay active on a regular basis, it's [...]

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Hoop Your Way to Weight Loss

Top 5 Tips from a PowerHoop Workout Expert “So many people say they feel like a kid again when they try the Powerhoop Workout.   But the hula hoop isn’t just a toy anymore. The Powerhoop Workout is a serious fat-burning routine designed to do at class or at home. Noticeably heavier than toy 'hula hoops,' [...]

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